Within the quality framework, the Management Board of TALLERES VACA S.A has established objectives and goals as the basis for its system for the management of its activities for the "design, development and production of metallic structures and boiler works", ensuring that it is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization supporting the strategic direction, and appropriate to its processes, nature and magnitude. To this end, the Board of Directors undertakes to:

  1. Involving all the personnel and informing them of this policy, contributing to diligence at work, with the support of training and quality awareness programmes.
  2. Constant improvement in the efficiency of the processes and the confidence of our clients, applying the experience of our staff.
  3. Undertaking to comply with the applicable legal stipulations and customer requirements.
  4. Providing services with the highest level of economy and efficiency required by the clients, meeting their needs and achieving their satisfaction.

The management of TALLERES VACA S.A is committed to the implementation and monitoring of the Quality Management System and to providing the means necessary for ensuring its evolution and its permanent public provision.

The Management ensures that the Policy is communicated, reviewed and understood by all staff complying with the requirements to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.